What if I don't die?

In the past the only way you could collect on a life insurance policy was to die... you don't have to!

Life insurance pays you to die and Trauma Insurance pays you to recover.

Trauma Insurance covers something that stops you doing what you normally do without actually killing you.

Every year millions are struck down by heart attack, cancer, stoke and other illnesses or injures. Thankfully, medical advances have increased the chances of surviving for years after such an event, but surviving a trauma or injury can be financially crippling. Medical bills on top of your usual living expenses become insurmountable. Even if you are able to continue to earn an income, it is often at a reduced level. The standard of living you and your family enjoy today and plan-for tomorrow is immediately threatened.

Bright Fortune (Far East) Limited can provide you with financial protection and peace of mind in times of need. A cash lump sum paid when a specific illness or injury is diagnosed will help alleviate financial worries and make life more comfortable while you recuperate. Additional benefits such as Term Life and Income Protection can be added to you trauma policy to ensure complete financial confidence when you and your family need it most.

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